Daniele Didit

Hi! My name is Daniele. And I do it.

I love art. Its all around us. In music, architecture, makeup, fashion.

Even as a kid, my imagination was off the charts! I wanted to make everything, out of anything. Nothing could stop me.

My love of gaming and RPG’s opened up my imagination, I loved being immersed in a vivid world made of a mixture of mythology, history, and future possibilities. Then I discovered mosh pits, crystals, digital coding, tattoos, and possibly fairies. Through my art, each peice of me gets a chance to shine and let its voice or perspective be heard!

With art, anything you could possibly imagine is allowed to become real. There are no limits. No rules. You literally get to design your own universe.

My dabblings include acrylic paintings, portraits, pencil drawings, wall murals, commercial window paintings, stationary design, logo and graphic designs.

Now I’ve finally ventured into the process of putting my artwork and designs onto physical products, such as stickers and notebooks, even socks!

! P.S Besides making things, I’m also a professional Hoop Dancer/Trick Performer! That means I get to do some pretty awesome stuff with a strobing and spinning LED hoop at concerts and events sometimes! If you’re in the Coastal NC area and are looking for a performer for your event, contact me below and ask me about hooping!

contact me below if you’re interested in working with me, or have any questions


  • Acrylic Paintings
  • Watercolor
  • Pencil / Colored Pencil
  • Collage
  • Custom Murals
  • Window & Glass painting
  • Custom portraits (family, pets, etc)
  • Hand-Drawn artwork for tattoos

Digital & Graphic Design

  • Personal designs (invitations, cards, graphics)
  • Artwork scanning/edits
  • Brand Identity & Marketing Campaigns
  • Promotional media and advertisements